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Our spiritual theme "Restore one another in a spirit of gentleness" comes from the book of Galatians and encourages our community by reflecting on restoration, forgiveness and resilience.

Click the links below to review the policies in place in our school:

No Bullying Pledge

l take this pledge to not bully others.

God asks me to love all His sisters and brothers. I'll include those who are easily left out. If someone's being bullied, I will tell an adult. I promise I'll respect and put bullying to an end.You can count on me to be a good friend. 

Policies and Procedures

School Code of Conduct

Progressive Discipline Policy

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

Parent Presentation for Bill 13

Bus Safety

Transportation: Empty Seat Provision

Inclement Weather Guidelines

Head Lice Fact Sheet
Special Education Websites for Parents and Teachers

Consent for Administration of Medication Form

Anaphylaxis Procedures Form

Asthma Procedures Form

Acceptable Use of Technology Form